Philodendron Congo Rojo

  • Measurements

    12cm pot Ø / approx. 25cm height

  • Light

    Bright to medium light, avoid direct sun

  • Watering

    Allow the top inch of soil to dry between watering

  • Diva Scale

    Good beginner plant for fast growth

Philodendron Congo Rojo
Philodendron Congo Rojo
Philodendron Congo Rojo

Pot Pairings

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Did you know...?

A hybrid Philodendron, it gets its name “rojo” from its new unfurling leaves, which open as a deep red and eventually fade to a burgundy green as the plant matures. The Philodendron family is a favourite amongst the Rose Clover houseplant nerds because they come in so many different colours and forms and never cease to disappoint. This one is named a self-header which means it has a central stem which is strong enough to hold the plant top upright.
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