Crassula ovata / Jade Plant

  • Measurements

    8.5cm pot / approx. 15cm height
    17cm pot / approx. 30cm height
    23cm pot / approx. 38cm height

  • Light

    Loves the sun so a bright spot is needed

  • Watering

    The soil should dry out between waterings

  • Diva Scale

    Not this one. Very robust as it's from a dry climate

Crassula ovata  / Jade Plant
Crassula ovata  / Jade Plant

Pot Pairings

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Did you know...?

Commonly referred to as a money plant, unfortunately we’ve not been able to grow any cash, but you might have better luck! Super low maintenance and a joy to watch flourish in a window - we adore this plant! After years of growth it starts looking more like a tree. Jade plants enjoy sun and watering once every couple of weeks.
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