Light Peach Schlumbergera | Christmas Cactus

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  • Measurements

    9cm pot / approx. 15cm length 

  • Light

    Filtered light, away from direct sun rays

  • Watering

    1-2 times per week in the summer when dry but less in the winter

  • Diva Scale

    Its succulent like leaves make this a low maintenance plant

Light Peach Schlumbergera | Christmas Cactus
Light Peach Schlumbergera | Christmas Cactus
Light Peach Schlumbergera | Christmas Cactus
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Did you know...?

Even though this houseplant is a type of cactus, it doesn't have the spines or sharp spikes and hates direct sun. Its appearance is more like a succulent with smooth fleshy pads which produce pretty tube-like double flowers around Christmas time, hence the name. Some people call it a crab cactus, we love this and can totally see why.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Brazilian rainforest, you would find these plants hanging off trees underneath the dense canopy. Schlumbergera plants therefore enjoy warmth, high humidity and protection from direct sun.

A bathroom or kitchen would be an ideal spot for one of these plants because of the naturally higher humidity of these rooms. Water the soil when it has dried out in the winter as this is its dormant period. In the warmer months you should ensure the soil doesn't completely dry out because it will require more water when growing new leaves.

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