Hoya wayetii | Wax Plant

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  • Measurements

    9cm pot / approx. 14cm length

  • Light

    Bright filtered light

  • Watering

    The soil needs to dry out between waterings

  • Diva Scale

    This plant is more tolerant to neglect due to its waxy leaves

Hoya wayetii | Wax Plant
Hoya wayetii | Wax Plant
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Did you know...?

Hoya wayetii, a native of the Philippines, is a striking flowering plant in the Hoya genus. Its thick, deep green leaves turn a vibrant red at the edges with adequate light. And if you're fortunate, you may even see a lovely cluster of mauve flowers bloom. These epiphytic plants thrive in well-draining mediums and should not be overwatered.
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