Aeschynanthus 'Rasta' / Lipstick Plant

  • Measurements

    15cm pot / approx. 30cm length

  • Light

    A bright spot that doesn’t receive direct sun

  • Watering

    Water once a week, check the top soil is dry before watering

  • Diva Scale

    Easy, just likes warmth and humidity

Aeschynanthus 'Rasta' / Lipstick Plant
Aeschynanthus 'Rasta' / Lipstick Plant

Pot Pairings

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Did you know...?

Lipstick plants get their name because the unusual flowers emerge out of dark-coloured buds that look like lipstick applicators. The Rasta also has beautiful curled leaves that as a plant, really makes it stand out above the rest. The Rasta flowers are burgundy and bright red.
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