Monstera adansonii / Monkey Mask

  • Measurements

    12cm pot ø / approx. 25cm height 17cm pot ø / approx. 45cm height

  • Light

    Bright diffused light is what makes these plants flourish

  • Watering

    A weekly drink and frequent misting. Let the soil dry out between watering

  • Diva Scale

    Has the potential to tantrum but if you get the watering and light levels right it's easy-peasy

Monstera adansonii / Monkey Mask
Monstera adansonii / Monkey Mask

Did you know...?

Part of the Monstera (Swiss Cheese) family, these cheeky monkeys are found climbing their way up huge forest tree trunks. We usually give our Monsteras a shower to mimic the heavy downpours.
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