Philodendron goeldii / Funny Bunny

  • Measurements

    14cm pot / approx. 60cm height

  • Light

    Happy in a bright spot but avoid direct sun rays otherwise the leaves will start to bleach

  • Watering

    Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings

  • Diva Scale

    We love all Philodendrons as they are a non diva plant family and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

Philodendron goeldii / Funny Bunny
Philodendron goeldii / Funny Bunny

Pot Pairings

No need to worry about ordering the wrong pot. We’ve already worked it out for you!

Did you know...?

A harder-to-find variety in the plant world and simply epic with its iconic leaf shape! Super shiny and deep green in colour, their leaves unfurl connected and then split off to create a star shaped form! UnbeLEAFable!

Originating from wet regions of South America, they enjoy a decent drink (don’t we all) so make sure the soil gets a good soak from above so water comes out the drainage holes.

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