Tradescantia Nanouk

  • Measurements

    8cm pot / approx. 10cm height 12cm pot / approx. 20cm height

  • Light

    Bright, indirect sunlight

  • Watering

    Treat like a succulent and allow to dry between watering

  • Diva Scale

    So so, enjoys a little neglect rather than overwatering

Tradescantia Nanouk
Tradescantia Nanouk
Tradescantia Nanouk

Pot Pairings

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Did you know...?

A fast growing plant that has striking purple pinky white leaves, making it simply dreamy to look at. A common killer of these is too much love / over-watering which will cause root rot so always check the soil to ensure it has dried out enough for another drink. Be prepared to give it some attention: as a quick grower it will require repotting to give it growing room.
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