Calatheas typically have the WOW factor in the plant community with their highly decorative leaves. Choose a position away from too much heat as they will brown easily. Medium light is best and keep their soil moist. Loves a mist. Includes the Maranta and Stromanthe family.


Very thirsty plants that enjoy a bright spot out of direct sun. Right at home in a bathroom as they love humidity too. A good plant for someone that typically overwaters their plants - little and often is what we advise.

Air Plants

Despite the name, these do require watering! We suggest either misting once a week or dunking in a luke warm bowl of water for a minute. If you have access to rainwater then even better! These enjoy a bright spot but not direct sun.

Cacti & Succulents

Cacti can be positioned in direct sun but just keep an eye of them during the height of summer. We recommend watering every 2 weeks in the summer and reduce back to once a month in the winter. Very drought tolerant plants and happy to be neglected.

Snake & ZZ Plants

Looking for low maintenance then look no further. Low light lovers and only require watering once a month. Perfect for someone that isn't good with plants or has a dark room.

Trailing plants

Typically enjoys a bright spot and watering once a week. You can sit back and admire as they do their thing.

Shuffle the cards!


Light levels are key to having happy, healthy plants. Contrary to popular belief, most plants don't like direct sun so they may need to be slightly away from the window in a South or West facing room, especially in the hotter summer months.

Next up is watering, we see more plants struggling due to over-watering rather than under-watering. Our advice is to keep your plants in their plastic nursery pots and place them inside decorative pots. This allows you to easily remove the plants from their decorative pot when watering. Water over a sink or even give them a little shower, letting the water flow through the soil. When most excess water has drained away, pop them back inside their decorative pot.


yellowing leaves

Either too much light, over-watering or a sign of pests

brown or crispy leaves

Under-watering, frost bite or the air is too dry due to too much direct sun or a radiator

wilted plants

Not enough light, under-watering or it's time to repot


Lots of people are super keen to repot but this can be disruptive to your plant. We’d usually advise 12 months after purchase, longer if it’s a ZZ or snake plant as they like to be confined to their pots. Cheese plants are quick growers so they may be a little sooner. The best way to tell for any plants is to check if the roots are growing through the base of the nursery pot.

the retreat

We have all the tools you’ll need to repot your plant available to purchase through our website however if you want our help then we do offer a repotting service. Just bring your plant into the shop and we will advise what size pot it requires and will give it some fresh, top quality soil. If it is a large, statement plant, please email us first so we can agree a day and time for you to drop it in, outside of shop opening hours.

Does your plant require some TLC?

Check it into our retreat for a new pot and some fresh soil to give it a new lease of life!

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