Let's Chat Plants

Absolutely! If you contact us via email with the plant name, size and amount you’d like to spend, we can look into this and let you know what is available.

We often hear people say that all plants are outdoor plants which is true, but the plant species we stock will not survive outside in UK weather. Houseplants are from all corners of the globe ranging from arid deserts and tropical rainforests which have much higher outside temperatures when compared to the UK, which is why they need to be kept in our warm homes.

The only plants we sell that can go both in and outside are our Sarracenia/pitcher plants that are locally grown in Southsea.

Our pitcher plants are a real talking point when they are in store. You can tell they are top quality because of their size and colours. They have all been locally grown in Southsea from seed by an avid collector called Gavin. Gavin has plants in his collection that are over 30 years old so we are incredibly lucky to have them! They are seasonal plants so they are never available before June and they naturally die back in the winter to conserve their energy ready to spring back the following year.

Thankfully there are some indoor plants that are known to be non toxic. You can find our pet friendly plants here but we also ask that you do your own research to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase.

If you have one plant to repot and it's a standard size that you can easily carry into the shop, you can bring it in without contacting us. We should be able to repot your plant while you wait but if it's a Friday or Saturday during Valentines, Mother's Day or Christmas, it's likely that we'll ask you to come back to collect it.

If you have more than one plant or it's big e.g. a monstera, please contact us first so we can book you in our diary. Our repotting service is popular and we are limited on space which is why we need to take bookings with larger jobs. It's also a perfect opportunity to request a quote and we can check that we have the correct repotting materials in stock before your plant(s) arrive.

To book your plant(s) in our diary, either head to the bottom of our plant care page and fill out the form or ring the shop on 02392 432840.

Not yet but it's something we'd love to offer in the future. We do offer a cool looking phyiscal gift card or digital e-card that can be used online or in store. Click here to find out more.

We encourage this! We don’t believe in having empty plant pots dotted around your home so bring them in and we can help you find something suitable.

We do! Our gift cards come in a variety of denominations (from £10 to £500) and can be redeemed online as well as in store. You can choose whether you receive the gift card digitally, via post or request collection at checkout. Gift cards need to be redeemed within one year of purchase and are non refundable. Click here fore more information.

Our gift cards expire after one year so if you think it's still valid and you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us by phone (02392 432840) or email team@roseclover.co.uk and we will look into it right away. Please have your gift card number to hand.

Whilst we don’t want to come across biased, Philodendrons and Hoyas have become a staple in the shop and our homes! It’s great when you find a plant family that thrives in your space and is super easy to look after. We also love Monstera deliciosa / Swiss cheese plants, but you need the space for these as they are speedy growers but great for instant jungle vibes.

Plant Styling

Yes! We understand that indoor plants are an extension of your lifestyle expression. Our plant styling service means we come to your home and get a feel for your interior. We’ll then come back with a variety of plant and pot combinations that we think will work in your space. Drop us a line through the Plant Styling page where you can find out more. A consultancy fee will be requested to secure a home visit booking.

If your event requires greenery to finish off the space, we can hire our stock on a temporary basis. Please get in touch with the team via the Plant Styling page to let us know the dates of your event, what you require and the hire period. A deposit is required in addition to hire charges in case of any damages.

We love plants and firmly believe they enhance spaces and create a more inviting environment for employees to work and clients to visit. Drop us a line through the Plant Styling page where you can find out more. A consultancy fee will be requested to secure an appointment.

Plant Care

Check your receipt to get the plant name and then pop it in the search bar. All plant care is detailed on the individual plant product pages. Alternatively, you can head to the Plant Care page for all our top tips.

A brand new plant is usually happy in its nursery pot for around one year. There are exceptions as plants grow at different speeds, so we encourage our customers to check the base of the nursery pot to see if there are any roots showing. If there are lots, it’s time for a slightly bigger pot.

We strongly advise against this if the pot hasn’t got a drainage hole because water gets stuck in the pot and won't allow the roots to dry out. For more details about this, head to our Plant Care page.

If the decorative pot does have a drainage hole like the Anther & Moss or Bergs Potter range, you can plant inside no problem.

If you care for it correctly and it’s in the perfect spot, then your plant should live for years! Repotting is key to longevity. Head to our Plant Care page for our top tips.

We suggest looking up your plant and checking the plant care on the individual product pages to make sure you are watering it correctly and it’s getting the correct amount of light. You may need to adjust a few things? Our Plant Care page contains all our recommendations on how to keep your plant happy and healthy so maybe check this out too. If you are still concerned, you are welcome to get in touch with us. Our contact details are on the Contact Us page.

All living plants will grow but some are slower than others. Cacti, Snake plants and ZZs are our go to slow growers. Hoya Kerrii ‘Lucky Hearts’ is another good option: these are what we would consider ornamental and typically don’t grow (unless part of the larger vine plant). Click here to view our available slow growing plants.

We wouldn’t recommend any plant for a room with no windows as all plants need some level of sunlight to survive. If you have a little bit of natural light, we do have some low light lovers that are also hardy. We would suggest ZZs, Snake plants, Devil’s Ivy and Peace Lilies.

Orders / Deliveries

We don’t have a minimum spend through the website or in the shop.

We operate a UK wide shipping service so you can order our plants and pots and have them delivered direct to your door!

Wednesday to Saturday is our delivery window for our Portsmouth hand delivery service and our UK shipping. Check out our Delivery and Returns page for more information.

If you or the gift receiver is not at home when delivery is attempted, our driver will decide whether it's safe to leave your order. If not possible, a card will be posted through the door with the shop contact details to arrange a re-delivery or collection.

You can either call the shop or email us. Just make sure you have your order number ready. Head to the Contact Us page for all our contact details.

We will do our absolute best to accommodate last minute deliveries. We’d suggest calling the shop on 02392 432840 before placing an order.

If your order comes through between Wednesday-Saturday, then yes you can! We usually pick up orders and bag them up within an hour of receiving them.

The shop is open 4 days a week: Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm. The plant nerds do work on Tuesdays but the shop is closed.


Not any more. The flower industry really suffered during the pandemic and wholesale prices also sky rocketed. We re-evaluated the business during lockdown and decided to stop our flower stand and focus solely on houseplants.

Unfortunately not. This coincides with our decision to stop offering fresh cut flowers in the shop.

In the right conditions dried flowers can last for years! To make the most of your dried flowers, make sure they are displayed out of direct sunlight. They do not like humidity or a draught. Our top tip on stopping them from dropping is to give them a light dusting of hairspray.

Returns / Refunds Policy

If you get a pot home and it doesn’t look quite right, feel free to bring it back within 14 days for either a refund or exchange. Please bring your receipt with you and the pot must still be in a saleable condition with no damage.

All our pots are checked for faults and we also encourage our customers to carry out a check before purchasing. If for any reason you have bought a pot from us and you notice a fault when you get home, please let us know straight away by phoning the shop or emailing us if the shop is closed. We offer a 24 hours grace period in which you can exchange faulty goods.

Our full policy is detailed here.