We have sourced all of our plants from Rose Clover, who have advised, installed and even helped us care for them. Every plant has flourished in our shop and we receive compliments on our greenery all the time!

Daniel The Southsea Deli

Kelly and Liz have offered such an exceptionally unique service ever since I walked into Rose Clover. What an experience having the shop brought to me! It’s the kind of service you can only receive from a local independent company and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Kelly and Liz for bringing our home to life.


Pot it like it's hot

I’m really happy with the plants from Rose Clover. The hanging wall plants are beginning to grow down the wall and are a real feature in our shop. The recommendations and instructions on how to care for them also really helped.

Prav Canvas Coffee

We've been telling everybody about Liz and Kelly's brilliant service. We're not green-fingered at all so it was great that they came to our house and recommended suitable plants for each spot. They even chose pots which go with our decor perfectly! The plants are all loving their new home and it was a great experience!

Nicki & Kevin

Do you have a project for us?

Get in touch, say hi and let us know a little bit about the brief so we can set up a date in the diary. There is an initial consultation fee for plant styling but we will contact you to explain how the process works - all the boring bits so we can skip ahead to the fun stuff!

  • Access to our whole plant catalogue
  • Recommendations and advice
  • Installs by our team of experts
  • Plant care guide post install

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