Spathiphyllum / Peace lily


  • Measurements

    9cm pot / approx. 30cm height
    12cm pot / approx. 40cm height
    14cm pot / approx. 45cm height
    17cm pot / approx. 80cm height

  • Light

    Medium to bright light

  • Watering

    Frequent watering schedule, once a week or little and often

  • Diva Scale


Spathiphyllum / Peace lily
Spathiphyllum / Peace lily
Spathiphyllum / Peace lily

Pot Pairings

No need to worry about ordering the wrong pot. We’ve already worked it out for you!

Did you know...?

We love a Peace Lily because not only can they tolerate a darker spot but they communicate when they need water by wilting and bounce back in 24 hours - genius!
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