Philodendron Green Princess

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  • Measurements

    12cm pot / approx. 30cm height

  • Light

    Avoid direct sun. Position in bright to medium diffuse light

  • Watering

    Thirsty in the growing season but ensure the soil dries out before watering in the winter

  • Diva Scale

    Philodendrons generally behave well

Philodendron Green Princess
Philodendron Green Princess
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Did you know...?

With its shiny luscious green leaves and tall stature, this plant is up there in our top ten faves. Overshadowed by its relative (the white wave) this one shouldn't be dismissed because it can tolerate lower light levels and doesn't brown so easily. Philodendrons grow well between Spring to Autumn and lie dormant during the colder, darker months (a bit like us, ha). This being said, always remember to reduce watering between the seasons to ensure the roots never sit in too much excess water. 
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