Philodendron White Wizard

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  • Measurements

    9cm pot / approx. 15cm height

  • Light

    This variegated beauty won't enjoy direct sun rays so keep it near a window, but ensure it receives diffuse light only

  • Watering

    Always test the soil before watering. If it's moist, leave it longer. If it's dry, give it a good glug from above

  • Diva Scale

    This wizard is no diva!

Philodendron White Wizard
Philodendron White Wizard
Philodendron White Wizard
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Did you know...?

Don't miss out on this must-have plant, the Philodendron White Wizard! To maintain its stunning white variegation, keep this houseplant in bright, indirect light and wait for the top inch or two of soil to dry before watering again. While these wizards are not divas, they do appreciate warmth, so avoid cold, drafty windows during the winter.
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