Anthurium Joli Pink | Flamingo Flower

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  • Measurements

    12cm pot / approx. 40cm height
    17cm pot / approx. 55cm height

  • Light

    Bright, indirect sunlight

  • Watering

    This rainforest plant needs a big drink when the soil feels dry

  • Diva Scale

    It will stop producing flowers if the light is not right

Anthurium Joli Pink | Flamingo Flower
Anthurium Joli Pink | Flamingo Flower
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Did you know...?

Anthurium plants are a type of epiphyte which is what plants are called when they are found growing on other trees, plants or rocks in the wild. This is the reason why they can be a bit more pot bound and should never be repotted inside a pot with too much space around their roots.

Native to South American and Caribbean rainforests, flamingo flowers enjoy warmth, humidity and a bright spot away from direct sun. This plant will treat you to glossy flowers all year round so when the blooms or leaves start dying back, cut the stem as low as possible as this will encourage the plant to put energy into new growth.

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