Asparagus setaceus | Lace Fern

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  • Measurements

    6ccm pot / approx. 10cm height 12cm pot / approx. 30cm height

  • Light

    Shady spot, bright but not direct sun

  • Watering

    The soil needs to be moist in the summer but you can ease off in the winter so the soil dries out more

  • Diva Scale

    A medium maintenance plant, requires some looking after

Asparagus setaceus | Lace Fern
Asparagus setaceus | Lace Fern
Asparagus setaceus | Lace Fern
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Did you know...?

Despite being called a fern, rather surprisingly they're not; in fact they are part of the lily family!

The leaves of this delicate plant are needle-like and deep green in colour, giving us oriental vibes. Lace ferns enjoy being relatively moist during the growing season but appreciate a period of rest during the winter months. In watering terms this means weekly in the summer and every 10-14 days in the winter. During heatwaves you might need to water your plant twice a week but it depends on how hot your home gets and therefore how quickly the soil dries out.

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