Calathea Orbifolia

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  • Measurements

    12cm pot / approx. 30cm height 14cm pot / approx. 35cm height

  • Light

    Medium to bright ish indirect light

  • Watering

    Keep the soil evenly moist but not over-saturated

  • Diva Scale

    Can be fussy! Humidity is key and it shouldn't be anywhere too hot or cold

Calathea Orbifolia
Calathea Orbifolia
Calathea Orbifolia
Calathea Orbifolia
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Did you know...?

Calathea orbifolia are absolute stunners and they move! They grow a special little joint from stem to leaf allowing them to raise up, down or even curl a in different way. They follow the sun, changing to absorb more or less light depending on the time of day.

The key to keeping this plant happy is making sure the soil stays evenly moist and never fully dries out. Ideally water when the top few inches of soil feels dry and mist throughout the week to keep up its humidity. Plenty of diffused light is best, anything too bright or harsh can cause the pattern on the leaves to fade or create crispy foliage eeeek!

This plant is definitely worth the hassle for the reward of its amazing foliage.
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