Dieffenbachia 'Reflector' | Dumb Cane

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  • Measurements

    17cm pot / approx. 45cm height

  • Light

    Position in a bright position out of direct sun

  • Watering

    Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out, little and often watering is best. It will suffer if waterlogged

  • Diva Scale

    A little fussy so we'd say it's a medium diva

Dieffenbachia 'Reflector' | Dumb Cane
Dieffenbachia 'Reflector' | Dumb Cane
Dieffenbachia 'Reflector' | Dumb Cane
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Did you know...?

Dieffenbachia Reflectors give us alien vibes because of their neon leaf variegations. An insanely cool houseplant to add to your collection, dumb canes live their best life in bright filtered light away from direct summer sun. They are sensitive to the cold and hate having waterlogged soil so if you keep it warm and watered little and often, it will thrive for years to come.
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