Epiphyllum anguilger | Fishbone cactus

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  • Measurements

    10.5cm pot / approx. 25cm length 
    12cm pot / approx. 20cm length 
    14cm pot / approx. 40cm length 

  • Light

    Bright spot, not in direct sun

  • Watering

    Every two weeks, once soil is dry

  • Diva Scale

    No fuss

Epiphyllum anguilger | Fishbone cactus
Epiphyllum anguilger | Fishbone cactus

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Did you know...?

Described by us as quirky because of its zig zag leaves, this funky plant normally hangs out in rainforests so it would appreciate frequent waterings once the soil has dried out. Even though it has 'cactus' in its name, it doesn't like direct sun rays on its leaves; bright diffuse light is best for this chap as it would usually be sheltered from sun under a rainforest canopy. You might notice tiny hairs growing off its leaves; the hairs would be used to absorb moisture from the air in its natural habitat. If you notice these growing in the spring and summer, ensure you mist your plant a bit more regularly. Placing it in a naturally higher humidity room like a kitchen or bathroom could help keep your plant happy.
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