Philodendron Pink Princess

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  • Measurements

    14cm pot / approx. 25cm height

  • Light

    This pink beauty won't enjoy direct sun rays so keep it near a window, but ensure it receives diffuse light only

  • Watering

    Always test the soil before watering. If it's moist, leave it longer. If it's dry, give it a good glug of H20 from above

  • Diva Scale

    A princess by name but you'll be thrilled to know it's not a diva, phew!

Philodendron Pink Princess
Philodendron Pink Princess
Philodendron Pink Princess
Philodendron Pink Princess
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Did you know...?

How can you resist this dreamy, highly sought after plant!? Impossible!

Not only do they produce pink and dark green variegated leaves which are ridiculously Instagrammable, but they are also easy to look after! Imagine the day you wake up to find a new pink leaf!

Keep this princess in lots of bright but indirect light to maximise her pink variegation and allow the top inch or two of soil to dry before watering again. Warmth is key in keeping the leaves happy so be wary of cold draughty windows in the harsh winters.
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