Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Samurai' | Snake Plant

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  • Measurements

    9cm pot / approx. 14cm height

  • Light

    Medium to bright is best but it can tolerate darker spots

  • Watering

    Every 2-3 weeks

  • Diva Scale


Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Samurai' | Snake Plant
Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Samurai' | Snake Plant
Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Samurai' | Snake Plant
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Did you know...?

Unleash your inner warrior with the Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Samurai'! This unique Snake Plant boasts sword-shaped leaves and a resilient nature that will thrive in any environment. Bring a touch of strength and beauty to your space with this easy-care houseplant.

As desert-dwellers, snake plants have learnt to handle drought with ease, making them low-maintenance and only in need of watering every 2-3 weeks. Their leisurely growth also translates to less frequent repotting, allowing you to admire their beauty in their charming containers for extended periods of time.

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