Senecio rowleyanus | String of Pearls

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  • Measurements

    12cm pot / 20cm length
    (the photo may differ from the measurements)

  • Light

    Bright indirect sun

  • Watering

    Overwatering will kill this plant so be careful

  • Diva Scale

    Medium diva. A sunny spot is key

Senecio rowleyanus | String of Pearls
Senecio rowleyanus | String of Pearls
Senecio rowleyanus | String of Pearls
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Did you know...?

Doesn’t this plant remind you of peas? We know it looks tempting but the peas don’t want to be squeezed, haha!

A highly attractive hanging succulent, Senecio rowleyanus can make a wonderful addition to a home; we just need to make sure you put it in the right place! Common ways to kill this plant is overwatering and insufficient light. String of Pearls does not need any humidity and only get the watering can out when the soil is dry. Direct sun is suitable if it’s coming through an east of west facing window, otherwise position your plant near-by to avoid scorching.

The plant length may differ from the item photographed. Please see our measurements.
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